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EMFOL - Food of Life

FOOD OF LIFE is an integrated, cross-disciplinary two-year world-class Masters Course in the science of animal-derived foods. The Course will lead to the award of a double degree. FOOD OF LIFE students will acquire in-depth knowledge in all the relevant animal science and food science and
technology aspects of the food production chain. Food is essential to life, and foods of animal origin comprise an essential part of the diet of much of the human population. FOOD OF LIFE students will
end the Course extremely well equipped for a career in the meat- and dairy-based food production industries, as these industries face the major challenges set by our increasingly affluent and populous world:

Increased global requirement for meat and milk products Increased emphasis on product quality, proven health benefits for the consumer, improved animal health and welfare and reduced environmental impact

Basic theoretical knowledge, practical technologies, research and development methodologies and social and cultural aspects of the meat- and dairy-based food production chain will all be taught. The
acquired knowledge will have relevance to both consumer and production animal health in a European and worldwide context. The education will be provided by four European partner universities (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Copenhagen, University of Helsinki and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). The 120 ECTS Course will be taught in English and comprise one year (60 ECTS) at each of two of the partners. Students will attend an Introductory Module at the start of Year One and a Summer School at the start of Year Two and these together with monthly webbased Workshops, Journal Clubs and Kitchen Clubs will ensure a strong community aspect to the education, including the possibility to acquire new languages (Catalan, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish). Students will also have the opportunity of a study period with Associate Partners in North America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy and India. Study Periods may comprise research courses, laboratory experience or industry experience. The international nature of the education will be enhanced through the involvement of Visiting Scholars from the Associate Partners and elsewhere. The Course will conclude with a 30 ECTS Thesis Project jointly supervised by the two main teaching partners. The component degrees constituting the FOOD OF LIFE Double Degree will be in animal science and/or food science disciplines, depending on the choice of study partners.

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