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Climate Change Impacts on TransboundaryWaterResourcesManagemen

Location :     Mbabane, SWAZILAND
Application Deadline :    30-Aug-14
Type of Contract :    Individual Contract
Post Level :    International Consultant

Swaziland is endowed with five major transboundary river basins which are shared with the Republic of South Africa and Peoples Republic of Mozambique. These three riparian countries are currently formulating a shared River Basin Organization (RBO) which will coordinate the shared resource. Furthermore the climate change vulnerability assessment (CCVA) for the water sector and its infrastructure facilitated by the project in 2013 highlighted some of the key expected climate change impacts for these three major river basins (Komati, Mbuluzi and Usuthu). 

Swaziland is therefore engaged in developing a coherent short-, medium-, and long-term strategy paper reflecting her position on transboundary water resources that adequately integrated climate change. This will further ensure that Swaziland’s delegations to the transboundary negotiations (Joint Water Commission and the Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee) are well-informed on the subject and have the necessary confidence based on accurate knowledge and information to introduce climate change in the negotiations process. 

The Department of Water Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, is therefore seeking the services of a TEAM of consultants (two internationals, one local) to assess the impacts of climate change on transboundary water resources, then develop both a strategy paper and a position paper to facilitate integration.

The assignments aims at strengthening the inclusion of climate change considerations into short, mid and long-term national strategic planning process. The intervention will further enable the inclusion of climate change considerations in the negotiation forum of the TPTC. The outcome of this assignment will further influence riparian states to re-consider their water allocation regimes and consider allocations that encompass climate change impacts on stream flows.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working under the guidance of the Department of Water Affairs, Project Board and Project Technical Committee and with the Project Manager, the team, comprising of international and a local consultants (led by one of the international consultants): will be expected to work as a cohesive team and have the responsibility for the timely implementation of the following activities: 
Policy Expert (international consultant & team leader) - 40 working days distributed across 9 months: 
  • Development of a strategy paper mapping the short-, medium- and long-term objectives of Swaziland with respect to trans-boundary water resources management for relevant decision-makers at technical, economic and political level across all relevant sectors;
  • The strategy paper should be validated by stakeholders in a one day workshop;
  • Conduct a one day stakeholder workshop to present the outcomes of the strategy paper;
  • Facilitate and coordinate the entire consultancy process and ensure that the final report is produced with inputs from all the other key experts.
Water Resource Modeler / Hydrologist (international consultant)  - 60 working days distributed across 9 months:
  • Desk assessment and hydrological modeling of the predicted impacts of climate change on three major transboundary river basins (Komati, Mbuluzi and Usuthu);
  • The assessments should be based on but not limited to the vulnerability assessment, other scientific and technical reports – and wider scientific knowledge;
  • Develop a transboundary water resources assessment report with key recommendations for input to the position paper for Swaziland;
  • The position paper will be used by the Swaziland delegation to the TPTC during the negotiation processes;
  • Participate in the preparation and validation of the final report.
Climate change Expert  (local consultant)  - 70 working days distributed across 9 months:
  • Facilitate the development of a Position Paper informing Swaziland’s delegation to Incomati/Maputo and Umbeluzi negotiations taking into great consideration the economic strategic position of the country;
  • Provide support (data collection and analysis) for both the Policy and Water Resource Modeler experts;
  • Facilitate one (1) stakeholder workshop to present findings and validation of the final draft report.
  • An inception report, including a work plan with inputs from all team members clearly specifying how the assignment will be undertaken, with tasks clearly assigned for each member of the team within one week after the inception mission;
  • The report should not exceed ten (10) pages;
  • An draft then final  assessment  report on the predicted impacts of climate change on transboundary water management;
  • A draft and final1 strategy paper mapping short-mid and long term objectives of Swaziland with respect to trans-boundary water resources management for relevant decision-makers at technical, economic and political level across all relevant sectors;
  • A draft and final1 position paper informing Swaziland’s delegation to Incomati/Maputo and Umbeluzi negotiations.
  • A final report on the overall assignment.


Functional Competencies:
  • An understanding of the water and wider agriculture / environment sectors in Swaziland;
  • Experience on climate change (CC) adaptation and mitigation through sustainable land and water management;
  • Proven skills in policy review and development, ideally at the transboundary level;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work as a member of a team or team leader working with diverse experts.
Required Skills and Experience
  • At least a Masters Degree or PhD (or commensurate experience with increasing levels of responsibility) in the following areas of expertise Water Resources Management, Hydrology / Water Resource Modelling, Environmental Science, Climate Change or related disciplines.
  • A minimum of 7 years working in the aspects of climate change relating to water resources, agriculture and the environment in Southern Africa;
  • Any relevant additional qualification will be an added advantage.
  • Fluent in English.

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