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2012 Women’s Empowerment Program

The 2012 Women’s Empowerment Program
Focus on Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam
Emphasis on Increasing Local Capacity and Connectivity
Proposed Dates for the Program: 
Group One:  March 31-May 9, 2012
Group Two: October 7-November 13, 2012

Participants will participate in only one of the two groups. 

Additional commitment dates in Cambodia are required to host visiting U.S. counterparts for approximately two weeks (at no expense to Cambodian participants).

Applications for Cambodian applicants should be e-mailed to 

Help Our Homeland and the Mansfield Center of The University of Montana seeks female applicants for a program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy.  The Women’s Empowerment Program will focus on the unique interests of women in issues that affect the broader society, including business, civil society, and journalism. Participants will represent women-owned businesses, non-governmental organizations, healthcare industries, and educational institutions.

During their five-week programs in the United States, participants will gain firsthand knowledge of how organizations and institutions advocate on behalf of women and their critical role in community advancement, while also participating in site visits and specially-designed seminars.  The participants will spend approximately one month in the state of Montana and one week in Washington, D.C.

Cambodian participants will also be asked to host a U.S. participant at their place of work. That individual will be selected from among your hosts during your U.S. stay. These American participants will travel overseas to engage with you and your counterparts on the role of women in your country. 

Other Essential Program Information

Program Funding:  The United States government will cover all participant costs, including international travel; travel and ground transportation in the U.S.; book, cultural, mailing, and incidental allowances; and housing and subsistence expenses. Care will be taken to ensure that any special requirements regarding diet, daily worship, housing, and medical care are satisfied.  

While you will be asked to host U.S. participants at your place of work, the program for the Americans will be at no expense to you or your organization.  American participants will be provided all funds for hotels, meals and transportation.

Health Insurance:  All participants will receive the U.S. Department of State’s health coverage.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Program Requirements and Restrictions:  Participants are expected to participate fully in the program.  They are expected to attend all workshops and organized activities.  The program is very intensive and there will be little time for personal pursuits unrelated to the program.

English Language Ability:  It is imperative that all candidates demonstrate English language fluency.  The program is rigorous and demanding.  Participants will be expected to handle reading assignments in English and to be full and active participants in all seminar and panel discussions.  English fluency is vital to a successful experience.

Candidate Description and Qualifications:  The participants are expected to be highly motivated professionals working on the unique interests of women in issues that affect the broader society, including business, civil society, and journalism. Participants will represent women-owned businesses, non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, healthcare industries, and educational institutions.   All participants will have a good knowledge of English.  We welcome applicants from both rural and urban areas, with little or no prior experience in the United States or elsewhere outside Cambodia.  We welcome participants of all backgrounds. 

Candidates nominated for this program will:
  • Have a strong interest in the interests of women in issues that affect the broader society; 
  • Be typically ages 25-45, though this is not an absolute requirement; 
  • Be returning to their organization following completion of the program; 
  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their work; 
  • Indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States; 
  • Have earned a university degree.  
  • Have demonstrated commitment to community activities; 
  • Have had little or no prior study or travel experience in the United States or elsewhere outside of Cambodia; 
  • Be willing and able to fully participate in an intensive program, Fellowship position, community service, and travel program; 
  • Be comfortable able to make adjustments to cultural and social practices different from those in Cambodia; and, 
  • Have a good knowledge of English; English fluency is vital to a successful experience.
Required documents that applicant needs to summit to help our homeland (HOH):
  • Application Form (Completed information) 
  •  A letter of Recommendation for your current work from your supervisor 
  •  Language proficiency test result (optional) 
  •  Copy of Bachelor Degree Certification (optional)  
The deadline for receipt of applications is Thursday, December 15, 2011.  Late applications will not be accepted. 


The 2012 Women’s Empowerment Program, Cambodia

1.      Your full name, exactly as it would appear on your passport.


Given name:

2.      Gender.

Male:               Female:

3.      Date of birth (year/month/day):

4.      City and province of birth:

5.      Citizenship:

6.      Medical, physical, dietary, or other personal considerations. 

Please describe any pre-existing medical conditions, including any prescription medication you may be taking, or any dietary or personal considerations.  This will not affect candidate selection, but will enable us to make any necessary accommodations.

7.      Candidate Contact Information:

Work Address:






Home Address:






Mobile telephone:

8.      Current position and place of work:

9.      How long have you been in your current position?

10.  Please describe your work.

11.  Past work experience (may attach a C.V.):

12.  Educational background (may refer to C.V.):

13.  Volunteer experience (may refer to C.V.):

14.  Memberships in associations, clubs, etc. (may refer to C.V.):

15.  Prior experience in the U.S. (list dates of travel, cities visited, purpose of visit):

16.  Family residing in the U.S. (please list name, relationship to you, and visa category, if known):

17.  Prior travel outside your home country:

18.  Do you have a passport?  If so, please indicate whether it is official or personal, the passport number, the date of issue, and the expiration date.

19.  Please describe your English language ability: 

Estimate speaking fluency on a scale of 0 (none) to 5 (fluent in business conversations):

Estimate written fluency on a scale of 0 (none) to 5 (fluent in reading and writing business communications):

20.  Please describe any professional or personal duties or activities that you conduct in English.

21.  Any other languages spoken (if so, please indicate fluency)?

22.   Please write a statement explaining the relevance of your work to the program, your potential contributions to the program, your vision for your field of interest, and your interest in long-term cooperative efforts with potential American counterparts.

23.  Please discuss your institution’s support for your participation in this program, and whether your organization would potentially be interested in hosting a U.S. professional in your field for 5-10 days.

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